Take Kids to the Bookstore Day is today! (we’re all kids, right?)

sketch of open book with flowing bookmark by ee from openclipart.org

by ee from openclipart.org

Today is designated “Take Kids to the Bookstore Day” (well, officially “Take Your Child to the Bookstore Day” it says here, but I believe in arriving at book palaces en masse), so bring kiddos to your favorite bricks-and-mortar bookstore for a great Saturday outing (find your nearest independent bookseller using IndieBound search).

And what books should you point out to kids? Help young readers take www.abookandahug’s What Reading SuperHero Are You? short quiz, then discover new favorites tagged by their reader-type (or keyword or age) among the 7,000+ librarian-created reviews of books for babies, kids, tweens, and teens to start their own wishlists (I have over 300 posted there – search Manck).

If you’re heading for the bookstore alone to buy for kids, try Who’s On First  for anyone who loves baseball or funny books (my review here), Cornelia Funke’s Ghost Knight  for tweens hooked on mysteries or the medieval (review here), and Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy series of graphic novels – Zero Gravity  (review) and Re-Entry  (review) – for the reader who’d enjoy Hakata’s classes in dinosaur-riding and fireball tournaments in space school.

Amid the holiday shopping frenzy of keyboard-clacking and mouse-clicking, please shop at the physical bookstores that bring authors to our own towns, plan fun events for all ages, and give us an opportunity to find that book we didn’t know we were looking for. Remember that BooksYALove always seeks out great YA books beyond the bestsellers for you (and never has ads or affiliate links).

Wishing you book serendipity all year!

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Get Happy, by Mary Amato (book review) – wanted: uke, dad, happiness

book cover of Get Happy by Mary Amato published by EgmontTeen songwriter wants an ukulele and better days.
Teen’s long-gone dad wants to see her at last.
Teen’s hyper-organized mom wants him to stay gone.

As the Rolling Stones sang, “You can’t always get what you want,” but be assured that the teens eventually do get what they need, even if they don’t know what it is Read on, read on!

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Author, author! Meeting a favorite writer in person!

photo of Terra McVoy & Katy Manck (c)Katy Manck

Terra & Katy at Little Shop of Books in Decatur, Georgia!

It’s her,
it’s really her!

So cool to finally meet Terra Elan McVoy in person at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Georgia yesterday!

Terra is a bookseller, author, and generally all-around fun gal – be sure to read her novels set in the Atlanta area: After the Kiss (an early BooksYALove recommendation), Being Friends With Boys  (my notes here), and Criminal  (my review here).

I have her most-recent book In Deep on my nightstand right now, but just cannot force myself to turn the page – I don’t want Brenn to make that bad decision!! (But Terra said that we know she’ll do it)

Have you met an author in person lately?

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Soul still here? Meet Me at the River, by Nina de Gramont (book review)

book cover of Meet Me at the River by Nina de Gramont published by Atheneum Books for Young ReadersMoving past grief means leaving Luke behind.
Tressa just can’t do that,
but she can’t find peace among the living either. read my recommendation

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When you need to know How To Survive a Sharknado… (book review)

book cover of How to Survive a Sharknado by Andrew ShafferMongolian Death Worm? Not my continent.
Sharktopus? Ain’t near the beach.
Firenado? Uh-oh, we’re in a high-risk area!

Whether you’re a fan of the Syfy TV-movie or just want to be prepared for every possible (or improbable) emergency, read more about it!

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In the multiverse, A Thousand Pieces of You seeking me; by Claudia Gray (book review)

book cover of A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray published by HarperTeenEach choice you make creates a fork in time,
a new path in the multiverse through history –
Which dimension holds Meg’s happiness? Read more about this new book

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Dead-on books for Dia de los Muertos

Stories about making people dead aren’t as interesting to me as the ones that talk about – or to – the dead. For Dia de los Muertos, a pair of dead/not-dead tales from the BooksYALove shelves.

I know you’re dying to see them

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Haunted high schools… double scary books!

High school can be frightful for some folks, and when you add in some ghosts who never graduate… just plain spooky! Tread the haunted halls in these BooksYALove faves (and watch your back)… This way to scary school stories

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Scary book pair #2 – enemies seen and unseen

Another pair of scary BooksYALove favorites for the witching season: if blood-spatter and dire peril aren’t your thing, search the tag cloud (over there on right) for something else!

Click to read about these gory titles, now in paperback

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Somewhat scary & completely wonderful: spooky season books pair #1

Y’all know that I cannot read horror books; my imagination is just too good and needs no super-terrifying prompts.

I can take on scary tales in measured doses and do love mysteries, of course..

So as we count down the days till Hallowe’en, check out BooksYALove favorites to get you ghoul and ready for some frights! Today’ pair, future based on past inequities and past predicting the future: Click for today’s titles

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