Spy Camp, by Stuart Gibbs (book review) – no arts and crafts, just felonious attackers

book cover of Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs published by Simon SchusterWilderness survival training,
Snobby British teen spies,
Cockroaches in the dining hall.

Not exactly how Ben had planned to spend his first summer after Spy School, but when the CIA says “do this” the students of its ultra-secret Academy figure out 17 ways that the enemy could sabotage things…and then go.

And of course, there’s a double-agent at camp setting up the 18th way to derail their mission!

Serving his country is great (more fun than his old junior high, for sure), but being shot at, nearly blown up, and practically bear bait is getting tiresome for the 13-year-old – and everyone still thinks he has amazing superspy powers that he can’t seem to locate.

Read Spy School (my recommendation here) in paperback now, then enjoy Ben’s eventful time around, above, and at Spy Camp.  What will fall semester will be like?

Book info:  Spy Camp / Stuart Gibbs.  Simon & Schuster, 2013.  [author site]  [publisher site]  [book trailer] Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: After a hectic and dangerous semester at the Academy, Ben wants a relaxing summer, but CIA spies-in-training must go to a special summer camp – survival training there will be the least of his worries!

The good news is that Erica will also be at camp (he wouldn’t have made it through that first semester without her); the bad news is that the villains are still after Ben and have offered him a job. Like the 13-year-old would really sell out his country for some ultra-secret gadgetry – no way! But how are the messages getting into the top-secret camp, right under the undercover instructors’ noses?

Oof! The British foreign exchange students aren’t pulling any punches during training maneuvers. Bam! Those explosives are hitting so close to the camp bus – this training exercise is amazingly realistic! Kapow! There goes the bridge? Uh-oh… there must be a double-agent among the campers.

Ben and Erica are chased, shot at, and lied to by enemy agents, their camp buddies, and folks they trusted during their wet, cold, hungry, hot trek through the wilderness. This isn’t just practice any more – it’s now life and death and mortal peril for the US government!

Can Ben and Erica escape their pursuers?
Who’s the double-agent, and what do they want from Ben?
Why doesn’t anyone believe that he’s not a super-spy?

For fans of action, adventure, and crazy stuff happening (like Ben’s time at Spy School) , a summer at Spy Camp is just what the CIA ordered.  (One of 6,000 books recommended on www.abookandahug.com)

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