Haiku (reflective) – the sun and not-the-sun

2012 annular solar eclipse seen at sunset near buildings

courtesy of techeblog.com

It’s Haiku Day for the WordCount 2012 Blogathon, so I took yesterday’s (invisible-from-Florida) annular eclipse as inspiration:

Strangest afternoon,
Sun-disk nibbled by the moon –
Hiding in plain sight.

Yes, I know that haiku isn’t supposed to rhyme – it just happened…

(annular solar eclipse photo (c) http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/solar-eclipse-2012-ring-of-fire-pictures)

3 thoughts on “Haiku (reflective) – the sun and not-the-sun

  1. I’ve never seen an annular eclipse. I have been privileged to see two total solar eclipses. You have captured a lot of the essence of an eclipse.

  2. Lovely Haiku. I like that you blend the eastern (haiku) with the western (language and rhyme), especially since this eclipse was seen around the Pacific Rim.

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