Haiku Day – oh, the writing life!

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It’s Haiku Day for Blogathon2013!

(Coincidentally, it’s also the first day of TeachersWrite, an online summer camp where great kidlit authors are coaching teachers and librarians in their own writing, so they can better teach their students about writing, revising, and such. Yes, I’m doing it, too!)

Jane Reichold’s many articles on haiku include her overview of several techniques which can be used in crafting the just-right haiku.

So I wrote this haiku about BooksYALove:

Images, pages,
so many, varied and deep,
Stories yet to share.


4 thoughts on “Haiku Day – oh, the writing life!

  1. I couldn’t write a haiku to save my life. Even in school I couldn’t write one. It was a painful amount of effort to put something on paper. When I saw that Haiku theme was for the 24th, I was like “Heck no!” and moved on to a post that made sense to me 😉

    • Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, Krys!
      That’s why the Blogathon theme days are just suggestions (you didn’t see me trying to make a video for last week’s theme day, did you?)


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