Fracture, by Megan Miranda (fiction) – drowned, but not dead: death-escaper or death-bringer?

book cover of Fracture by Megan Miranda published by WalkerHer bright red parka, barely visible beneath the ice.
Decker’s insistence that they rescue her.
Delaney was completely blue when they pulled her out.

Ten people every day die from non-boating drownings.
Delaney should have been one of those awful statistics, but somehow she survived eleven minutes under Falcon Lake’s ice in that December-frigid water.

Death seems to keep calling her, as she feels okay and not-okay, trying to make things right with Decker, who blames himself for her accident. And that guy Troy acts like he knows everything about her and what she went through…

Debut author Megan Miranda has been a science teacher and researcher, so all the medical and death details are exact; her storytelling skills make Fracture  a winner.

For a short story featuring Decker, you can unlock “Eleven Minutes” from the Fracture Facebook page by paying with a tweet or FB share. We’ll get the whole story from Decker’s perspective in Vengeance  in 2014.


Book info: Fracture / Megan Miranda. Walker & Company, 2012. [author’s website]    [publisher site] [book trailer]  

My Recommendation:Held underwater for eleven minutes by the ice, Delaney should be dead or brain-dead. But she’s not. She’s not herself either, as she finds herself pulling away from her best friend Decker and drawn to death scenes.

It was Decker who pulled 17-year-old Delaney from the icy Maine lake, who kept up resuscitation until the paramedics arrived even though everyone said she must be dead. If they hadn’t taken a shortcut across the lake ice at Decker’s insistence, this probably wouldn’t have happened, so he blames himself over and over, especially during her six-day coma.

Her brain scans show massive damage, yet Delaney is walking, talking, thinking as if nothing had ever happened. Well, except for being able to see death about to happen… and being drawn toward the dying like a magnet. Or is she there when someone dies because she’s causing it?

A new guy in town is interested in her (nice change from the same kids she’s known forever), but something is a bit too different about Troy. As Delaney tries to find out more about him, she discovers strange things and connections she’d rather forget.

Will Mom and Dad stop their new overprotective behavior soon (please)? When will Decker start acting like her best friend again? When will Troy stop acting like she knows something that she definitely doesn’t? When will the dying stop sending out beacons toward her?

Eleven minutes can change everything – you’ll remember Delaney’s story long after you close the covers of this suspenseful debut novel. (One of 5,000 books recommended on Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

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  1. I picked this book up on a whim from the library a few weeks ago and brought it home for me and my daughter. It drew me in immediately, and I found it to both be a quick read and the kind that makes you think. Wonderful book, and I highly recommend it. Glad to hear there is going to be another one!

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