Y is for yesterday & before – yikes! #A2Z

Did you hear about the big storm systems that raced across the central USA this weekend?

Luckily, we didn’t get any tornadoes here in my corner of northeast Texas… but the winds knocked down large trees which took out our electrical power on Saturday.

Luckily, the incredible lineworkers in our rural region got our electricity restored in a few hours… but when it came on, the internet router breathed its last.

Luckily, our rural telephone co-op owns the router and provides great service… but it was Monday afternoon before they could get to us and restore internet access.

gray cat gazing to the right with half-opened eyes while laying on a stack of old books - from Dover illustrations collection
courtesy of Dover Publications

So I got to spend time reading instead of writing a Y book recommendation for today… but I’ll wrap up #AprilAtoZ tomorrow with my planned Z book.

p.s. have YOU backed up the photos on your phone lately? I had just finished when the power cut out – yikes!

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