Yep, I did it – April A to Z complete! (reflective) #A2Z

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For the 13th consecutive year, I posted a new, original book review based on letters A to Z over 26 days in April (with Sundays off, amen), except that darn Y (I promise I’ll post that book soon)!

Thirteen years of A to Z.

Fifteen years of BooksYALove.

Over 1,200 book recommendations, countless hours of reading and writing, paying for my own website… for what?

For you, the readers.

Getting the right book into the hands of the right reader at the right time – that’s why I’ve been a librarian for over four decades, whether “working for money” or not.

I’ll keep reading books “beyond the bestsellers” for tweens, teens, and everybody (including the many, many adults who read YA) , and I’ll keep writing about the best of them. But don’t look for 6 new recommendations a week – until next April!

What’s next on your “to be read” stack?

2 thoughts on “Yep, I did it – April A to Z complete! (reflective) #A2Z

  1. Congratulations! I don’t read fast enough to have 26 new book reviews in a month. I’ll be doing my reflection over the week or maybe post it on Monday (depends on how much rain I actually get this weekend). Life got in the way the past week so I’ve been catching up on my visiting/commenting. I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews.

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