Replica, by Jenna Black (book review) – clones, cops, and secrets

book cover of Replica by Jenna Black published by Tor TeenExecutive Board members get memory backups regularly,
Executive families scramble to marry into the Board,
mere Employees do all the work, take all the risks, hide their own secrets…

Don’t send me to this future where corporations have purchased governments, and Paxco (former New York City) exports a memory-and-clones technology that no other Corporate State can match.

Nadia has to balance her conscience with the safety of her family when assassination gets too close to home, too close to the truth.

Read the first chapter of Replica here, then zip to your nearest local library or independent bookstore to get your copy.  Resistance,  book 2 in this new series, currently has a March 2014 publication date.


Book info: Replica / Jenna Black.  Tor Teen, 2013.  [author site]  [publisher site]  [book trailer] Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: Nadia’s future was all lined out, until her intended was killed and his Replica animated to replace him. As she and new-Nate try to fill in his memory gaps, the head of Security threatens them with more permanent erasure. Someone has secrets to hide…

The teen must be on her best behavior in public (the media is vicious), and she can’t even let her guard down at home – all Executive families know that some Employees spy for the Corporation.  Her soon-to-be fiance Nate doesn’t know what discretion means, even though someday he’ll inherit Chairmanship of Paxco (formerly known as New York City) from his father.

When Nate is killed at a party and Nadia was last to see him alive, her life becomes a nightmare as Security publically arrests her (such damaging publicity) and promises to harm her family if she doesn’t cooperate. Reanimated Nate’s last memory backup was 2 weeks before the party, so he can’t help prove her innocence. But perhaps his personal valet Bishop could… if they can find him in the Basement tenements where all Employees are crammed together. For the Replica technology reserved for highest Executive families is Paxco’s only export and must be supported by the peaceful labor of Employees.

Mosely of Security says Nadia must find the valet if she wants her family to remain safe, Nadia doesn’t trust him, and Bishop is not interested in endangering himself for her benefit – stalemate or powderkeg waiting for just the wrong/right spark to explode the Basement into violence against the Executives?

Is Nadia helping the true Nate or just the Nate she wants to see?
Why does running Replica take so many Employees?
What are the secrets that Paxco and Nate and Bishop are trying to hide?

Of all the Corporates States (of former America), Paxco seems to be a difficult place for truth to thrive, whether for Executive, Employee, or Replica in this future world thriller.  (One of 6,000 books recommended on

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