Fun Friday – fiction A to Z and then some

Friday! Time for some fun books and taking a deep breath before plunging into April’s AtoZ blogging challenge. Click the links to get straight to the no-spoiler reviews.

Tallulah wants to grace the stage, to be in lovvvve, to have a figure like her cousin Georgia. Will these wishes come true at summer drama school on the Yorkshire dales? Withering Tights begins this funny series (and owls are also involved).

Since she’s messed up so many decisions, Brook finally turns to blog readers for advice, letting them vote on every choice she has – from which novel to read in English class to trying out for rugby – in My Life Undecided.

Not again! I Lost My Mobile at the Mall, but Elly’s parents won’t buy her a new cellphone, then burglars steal the family’s computers! How can the Sydney teen stay connected to her friends? Yikes!

A missed flight, a changed seating arrangement, meeting a new stepmom in a foreign country – no wonder Hadley imagines that The Statistical Probability of Falling in Love is zilch.

Lillian loves the idea of a road trip with her best buddy Josh right after graduation, even if they’re heading cross-country after a kidnapper… and Josh has never realized how much she loves him – Don’t Stop Now.

Some years after high school, Simon and his pals are still social dorks. But pretending to be someone else is too strange – so why is Nancy answering letters to a previous tenant as if she were that Sarah person? Same Difference is a graphic novel with sarcastic bite.

Try some hands-on yummy fun with the step-by-step instructions for creating Insanewiches, from the East Meets West Dog to the famous Rubik’s Cubewich.

Head up to Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity with Hakata Soy and friends for classes in dinosaur racing, cute hats, run-on sentences, and spying…

Read any other fun and funny books recently?
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