In Too Deep, by Coert Voorhees (book review) – treasure, treachery, deep sighs

book cover of In Too Deep by Coert Voorhees published by HyperionSpring Break in Mexico,
with the cutest guy ever…
now pursued by bad guys, even at home!

Annie’s history teacher asks the expert scuba diving teen to scope out a underwater clue about Cortes’ lost treasures during their service project trip.

Despite what her Hollywood elite classmates think, money may not be able to buy personal safety when other treasure hunters decide to play dirty!

Grab this July 2013 title today to see if Annie and Josh can outthink, outsmart, and outrun the gunmen who followed them back from Mexico!
How far would you be willing to go in the name of research?

Book info: In Too Deep / Coert Voorhees.  Hyperion, 2013 [author site]  [publisher site]  Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: Annie has researched the mythic Golden Jaguar statue found by Cortes, but doesn’t expect her Spring Break service project to become a treasure hunt, as she and her classmates race against time and killers who want the statue, too!

Blame Dad for giving her the treasure-hunting bug as they roamed Pacific beaches with a metal detector when she was a kid. But now, at ritzy private Pinedale Academy, prep school for Hollywood’s best and brightest, freshman Annie’s enthusiasm for historic shipwrecks is not an asset. At least she isn’t taking any of Dad’s AP history classes yet.

Her report on the life-size Golden Jaguar didn’t spark any interest in its mystery, just in its worth. Mr. Alvarez is sponsoring a Spring Break “Good Deeds and Gold Doubloons” to Mexico – Annie’s in it for the history, the other three are working off massive school demerits. Maybe time with dreamy Josh will make him really see her and forget about his disastrous diving lesson at Mom’s dive shop.

The teens finish their service project in record time, find a mention of the Golden Jaguar at the local museum, and get pressured into doing a night dive with borrowed equipment. Problems during the dive leave Annie anxious, but she does find something down there that must point to the treasure

Back home, she and Josh research a tantalizing clue that points to someplace where Cortes’ lost ship may have hidden the treasure. But their time is running out as they receive threats from Mexico, and the bad guys hunting the Golden Jaguar show up in town!

How can they get to the remote location to search for the Jaguar?
Can Josh keep up with Annie’s diving skill?
Will he finally realize how much she cares for him?

High school cliques, a heartfelt crush, Hollywood stars, evil henchman, and a bejeweled solid gold statue – Annie may truly be In Too Deep.  (One of 6,000 books recommended on

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