Reading beyond the box (reflective)

A new year and a new challenge: Read and thoughtfully comment on 5 blog posts a day for 21 days…

Since it takes about 3 weeks to solidly acquire a new habit, MotherReader and Lee Wind have once again teamed up to help book bloggers get into the good habit of reading what other book bloggers are reading and writing about and (most importantly) joining in the conversation about the kidlit that makes us all so happy with their Comment Challenge 2012.

And there will be prizes for folks who register their 100 comments in 21 days (with 1 day off, just in case), too! We’ll be checking in with Lee on Wednesdays to update our totals and get a bit of encouragement along the way.

So, a new year, new blogs to read, new books to discover – onward…

19 thoughts on “Reading beyond the box (reflective)

  1. Hi Katy,
    Today I’m doing the 10 blogs a day challenge, so I made it to yours!!! I located your “About Me” way too far at the very bottom of your blog, but then you are an Aquarius (like me) & we do things differently.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks, Laurie – wow, you’re visiting 10 blogs a day?! I thought it was 5 [runs to recheck MotherReader’s FAQs].

    I did some tweaking, so finding my info here should be easier now. Three cheers for Aquarians!

  3. Katyroo, I am so happy that I found this challenge! Aren’t you? What a cool idea. Thank you for stopping by my Happy Birthday Author blog! I really appreciate it. Katie Davis appreciates the birthday wishes too.

  4. I’m also here through the comment challenge–but I think I will stick around πŸ™‚ I really like the way you format your reviews–if it’s cool, I’d like to direct some of my students here to see how it’s done. My co-teacher and I are working on getting our students blogging about their independent reading.

  5. Long time comment challenger myself. Always a fun time of year. It’s funny how you’ll get sentences like these for the first few days, then by the 15th day or so you’ll get a lot of “Great post”s. But hey, even those kind of comments are better than no comments at all. See you ’round the kidlit blogosphere…

  6. Thanks for dropping by, y’all (and we should have a blog-party for all the upcoming Aquarian birthdays, yes?).

    Mrs. S – YES, please send your students this way!! I write recommendations for readers (rather than for book selectors), with no spoilers. Trying to give just enough of the story for readers to decide whether they’ll try it or not – without giving away the best parts!

    Jim, I haven’t seen the need for comment moderation yet and hope I never need to!

    Hooray for the Comment Challenge!

  7. I’m diving into the reading challenge. The only problem seems to be that I spend my blogging time reading everyone else’s blog — I just realized that I forgot to post my own. Hmm. That could be a problem if everyone copied me, but they probably won’t.

  8. Beth – it’s really easy to do just that! I’ve decided to pace myself and am moving through the list at 5 blogs a day. If the list goes beyond 100 participants, then I’ll keep going!

  9. Love that you chose a title about “beyond the box” for your intro to the comment challenge, since I got to your blog through your comment on my “Outside, Inside, and All around the Box” blog post!

    Have you read any of Beverley Brenna’s YA books? (Canadian author. I particularly recommend Wild Orchid and its sequel Waiting for No One. There’ll be a giveaway for Waiting for No One on my blog in February…)

  10. Ooh, Beth S, I will check into Beverley Brenna – I particularly like to highlight non-US authors here and always tag books as US or non-US.

    Kane Miller Books brings lots of wonderful books to US readers from other countries, including picture books. I reviewed their upcoming Wrong Way (with a headstrong duckling) on – it’s just darling!

  11. I just found your blog — thanks to the Comment Challenge — and am pleasantly surprised. What a cool, helpful blog — a place to find YA books that aren’t the most heavily marketed. I really REALLY look forward to browsing through your recommendations in hopes of discovering little pearls I didn’t know existed.

  12. Great to see you here, Jen! That’s *exactly* why I started BooksYALove – so many great YA books don’t have a publicity machine to promote them, yet are the perfect read for someone – if the reader only knew of their existence!! (and I promise, no spoilers here ever)

  13. Hi, Katy! I love the pic of you with the Sydney Opera House in your hand. Wow, you are strong! πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. I’m becoming a huge fan on YA, so I’m looking forward to reading your reviews to find new books to read. Happy Monday!

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