The final SYNC audiobook pair of Summer 2013 – strong young women in peril

Bittersweet that these are our last free audiobooks from SYNC for this summer, but what stunning stories they are.

From her tiny impoverished Nepalese village, Lakshmi is Sold  into prostitution – is there any escape? Rachel took a stand against the demolition of a Palestinian family’s home on the Gaza Strip in 2003 and was killed – her poetry and writing live on.

CD cover of Sold by Patricia McCormick read by Justine Eyre published by Tantor MediaSold
By Patricia McCormick
Read by Justine Eyre
Published by Tantor Media





Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel CorrieCD cover of Let Me Stand Alone by Rachel Corrie read by Tavia Gilbert published by Talkbox Blackstone Audio
By Rachel Corrie
Read by Tavia Gilbert
Published by TalkboxBlackstone Audiobooks

Which SYNC audiobooks have you most enjoyed listening to this summer? Be sure to tell SYNC so that sponsors like Audiofile magazine and the audiobook publishers will continue to offer us free downloads in the summer, to let us read with our ears all year long.


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