Beyond our ken – paranormal favorites

Mysterious, metaphysical Monday! Let’s look back at our summer reading shelf filled with outstanding paranormal fiction.

Being a psychic is more than just a summer job for Clarity – it’s her life. Murder and a sneaky big brother complicate things a bit…

Does Lena dare gaze into The Mermaid’s Mirror? Ever-drawn to the ocean despite her father’s warnings, she longs to surf and master the waves as he once did.

The City of Lights is no match for Kate’s depression, but mysterious strangers shake up her mourning as she witnesses unbelievable rescues in Paris – who would allow someone else to Die for Me?

Superheroes and robo-zombies leap out of Jack’s tattered comic book collection and into his dreary life at the orphanage. Suddenly, it’s up to The Accidental Hero to make things right in the ImagineNation and in the real world.

In an older time, another orphan makes a perilous bargain, bartering her shadow for the wish of her heart. As her shadow dwindles and evil stalks the river people, Plain Kate worries that her agreement may doom her land.

The River of Time series begins with Waterfall, as Gabi & Lia accidentally journey into the past, right into a 14th century battle and the chance for romance. Will they return to Castle Forelli in Cascade? And what new mysteries will we uncover in Torrent? The third book will be published on Sept. 1st = watch this space for an early review!!

An all-too-realistic future is Kyra’s home, where drought reigns and water-access is power. Can her newly-found talent release all these Dry Souls?

Hide your guinea pigs, then visit The Reformed Vampire Support Group in Australia. Yeah, everyone needs a support group to stay on the straight and narrow – or to help solve a murder.

And don’t miss Garth’s wild ride into Ghostopolis, where the living are forbidden to go (no matter how close to death they are) – a graphic novel with humor, darkness, and Skinny.

Lots more mysterious, metaphysical, paranormal books ahead on BooksYALove, as we uncover wonderful titles that you’d miss if you let the bestseller lists tell you what to read!
(and isn’t Venice lovely as the sun sets?)

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