Talking about #MGLit and blogging at KidLitCon!

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Charlotte’s proposal for a KidLitCon session on Middle Grade Books and Blogging was accepted, so she (Charlotte’s Library), Melissa Fox (BookNut), and I will be leading the discussion on Saturday, Nov. 9th in Austin.

Notice that I did NOT say that we’d be presenting the session – we want it to be a big discussion among the book bloggers, parents, authors, librarians, and publishers attending (of course, some of us wear more than one hat).

Middle grade books aren’t just YA books with younger characters, and middle grade readers span a wide range of emotional and social development, so figuring out which MGLit books are “great” or even “good” seems to be even more complex than making those decisions about books for teen readers.

We have a list of topics and questions for this session already started on Charlotte’s blog here, so please visit and add to it, even if you won’t be at KidLitCon. We’re hoping to record our discussion (fingers crossed on technology cooperating) so we can post a transcript at some point.

AND we’ll have a whole slew of MG books and ARCs to give away to session attendees = more books to read, review, and recommend!!

p.s. registration for KidLitCon 2013 ends tomorrow, Oct. 24th, so hop to it! See y’all in Austin!



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