2013 can’t be nearly over – I still have books left!

logo for @Bookish's 2014 TBR ChallengeWait – how did we get ten months through 2013 already?!?

Thanks to the TBR2013 Challenge on Bookish blog, I’ve been steadily catching up on my 2012 TBR shelves this year (click the TBR2012 tag in the right-hand column for posts about the 50+ pre-2013 books that I’ve recommended this year).

But every time I write up a recommendation for a 2012 book that means I’ve set aside a 2013 book… so I’m still behind, and my to-be-read and to-be-reviewed shelves never get smaller!

So I’m signing up with Bookish again for the TBR2014 Challenge so I’ll get these great 2013 books written up for you, even if it’s during 2014!

And, looking at the stacks of 2013 (and earlier!) books that I won’t have time to write up before year’s end, I am planning on hitting the 50+ mark again in 2014… does it never end??

Which 2012 or earlier books highlighted this year on BooksYALove have you read?

What do you think?

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