A glance back at month #1

Whew! Time to step back and look at the first month of BooksYALove…

So many firsts = first posting on May 1st as WordCount’s Blogathon2011 gets rolling. Followed by first book recommendation, first comments, first subscribers, first tweets – and lots of friendly feedback from fellow Blogathonners.

Most of my recommendations were for fiction books, with some cool nonfiction thrown in, all books that young adults (and young-at-heart adults) will enjoy reading, but might not find in the big displays at booksellers or on best seller lists.

Worth looking at again:
Scary books: Stolen and The House of Dead Maids
High school drama (but funny): Flawless and Ten Miles Past Normal
Futuristic books: Awaken and Across the Universe
Graphic novels: Smile and My Boyfriend is a Monster
Across the sea: Warriors in the Crossfire and Saraswati’s Way

I have a big stack of books that I;ve read and just cannot wait to share with y’all, this summer I’m planning to post several new book recommendations every week (though perhaps not one a day), with occasional reflective musings and some guest posts that highlight “forgotten gems” of YA lit from earlier years.

So, grab a book and take your mind somewhere else this summer – you’ll be glad you did! And let me know of any books that I need to read and recommend here, too.

4 thoughts on “A glance back at month #1

  1. Thanks, Tia! I had to get a “body of work” built up before I could choose any greatest hits… I’ll do some themed lists too, as we read along the shelves.

  2. Heather, I agree! And as a great-grandma, I’m still a big YA fan – some teen protagonists are more mature than a few of the “grown-ups” that I meet!

    Some great books for boys coming up here, so keep watching. Any of his faves that I should read for the blog?

    I’d love to have some teen guest bloggers some time!

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