H is Hansen’s literary mystery The Butterfly Sister (book review)

book cover of The Butterfly Sister by Amy Gail Hansen published by William MorrowNotes in the book margin,
clues to a missing person
or invitation back into disaster?

Ruby’s precipitous flight from college during her final semester kept her from going insane. Was the problem how intensely she studied suicidal writers or was it the married professor who broke her heart?

The Butterfly Sister mystery widens when Ruby ventures back onto the college campus for clues about a missing classmate and learns that her own story of jilted love and near-madness is well-known…and is happening once again.

Is blocking out memories the best way to stay sane?

Book info:  The Butterfly Sister / Amy Gail Hansen.  William Morrow, 2013. [author site]  [publisher site]   Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: When a suitcase she borrowed once from a college friend arrives on her doorstep, Ruby tries to return it, but discovers that Beth has vanished. In the suitcase is a copy of A Room of One’s Own, with Beth’s cryptic notes, leading Ruby back to Tarble College for the first time since she fled during her senior year.

Studying women authors who drove themselves to suicide is a tricky business, Ruby had been warned, but her professor (handsome and married) was sure she could bring new light to the material. Instead, she had to escape from Tarble before she joined their sisterhood of madness and tragedy.

But why did Beth have that book in that suitcase, and where did she go?
What are the current Tarble professors trying to tell Ruby about their former colleague?
Will returning to the scene of her broken heart send Ruby into an emotional tailspin again?

Literature, love, mystery, and madness – follow The Butterfly Sister.

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