Let’s Blogathon, like we did last summer!

image of runner with computer mouse for Blogathon

Blogathon banner (c) Michelle Rafter/Wordcount

It’s nearly time for my favorite blogging event of the year – Blogathon!

This free exercise to build up our blogging muscles – one post a day, every day in June – was founded by Michelle Rafter of WordCount and is being hosted this year jointly by Michelle and Freelance Success.

Sign up here by the end of May to join the blog roll = lots of new blogs for you to read and follow! lots of new readers for your blog!

Then Like the 2014 Freelance Success/WordCount Blogathon page on Facebook where we’ll share links to our daily posts, find inspiration and guest bloggers, and get tips for theme day posts (like these “25 Ideas for Daily Blog Posts” by Michelle). We’ll also tweet links to our daily posts on Twitter with the hashtag #blog2014.

And there are prizes! To qualify for the prize drawing, you must be registered for Blogathon2014 and must post on your blog every day in June. Since there are bloggers covering many subjects, the prizes are varied as well; I donated a couple of boxes of YA and middle-grade books.

So c’mon and join the fun! You don’t have to write a huge article every day – Haiku Day and Word Cloud Day are two much-loved Blogathon staples which help us get to our 30-in-3o goal.

See you at #blog2014! Lots of great books ahead on BooksYALove in June, too.


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