Fan Art, by Sarah Tregay (book review) – just admiring his own best friend, or more?

book cover of Fan Art by Sarah Tregay published by Katherine Tegen BooksTo prom or not to prom?
Stay quiet or speak up?
Let love slip by or be bold?

Jamie’s last semester of high school is fraught with problems as the quiet guy tries to support artistic freedom in a conservative school district and realizes that he has a huge crush on his best friend.


Book info: Fan Art / Sarah Tregay; illustrated by Melissa DeJesus.  Katherine Tegen Books, 2014.  [author site]  [publisher site]   Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: Fighting to include a gay comic in the school magazine, Jamie won’t allow himself to admit his new-found feelings for longtime best friend Mason until it’s almost too late.

He promised Challis that he’d get her manga short comic into the Gumshoe, promised Eden that he’d pose as her prom date to appease her “no daughter of ours is lesbian” fundamentalist parents, and promised himself that he’d be out of their Idaho hometown before he was out to anyone besides his embarrassingly supportive family…

But the literary magazine’s staff rejects the comic, Eden’s big brother questions whether theirs is a real date, and Jamie silently agonizes as Bahti and Mason flirt endlessly in the limo and beyond.

Why didn’t he just agree to go with Mason to the mountain condo and avoid the prom altogether?

When Jamie decides to sneak the comic into the Gumshoe final printing, he’s prepared for fallout from the other staffers, but things get way out of hand at graduation.

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