Play Me Backwards, by Adam Selzer (book review) – his soul to Satan for chance at her heart

book cover of Play Me Backwards by Adam Selzer published by Simon Schuster BFYRTo turn his life around, Leon needs some help.
His best friend Stan has just the solution… for a price.

Socially inappropriate behavior is the norm, whether hanging out in Satan/Stan’s black basement (has anyone seen his parents recently?) or the breakroom of the low expectations ice cream place where the best friends “work” (well, they get paid for being there) – but this slacker decides that another chance at having ultra-cool Anna in his life is worth some real effort.

Even if you missed Leon’s earlier misadventures in How To Get Suspended and Influence People,  it’s time to search for the perfect Slushee flavor, visit your local library or favorite independent bookstore to get Play Me Backwards,  and decide for yourself if Stan deserves an extra A in his name!

And yes, there is an EP of songs from/inspired by the crazy-funny novel here, each track complete with backward message.


Book info:  Play Me Backwards / Adam Selzer. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014.  [author site]  [publisher site]  Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: Leon’s had no reason to stop his slide from junior high genius down to senior slacker until Anna’s imminent return to Des Moines shocks him into agreeing to Stan’s personality makeover plan – for the price of his soul.

For years Stan has said he’s really Satan, and maybe his unfailing hangover remedies prove it. But can his master plan make Leon cool again before Anna arrives from  England –  listening to Moby Dick  on unabridged audiobook, finding the Great White Grape Slushee, joining the yearbook staff, and going out with a popular girl – whaaat? Hanging out with Stan and the other goths/slackers in the back room at work is more Leon’s style, but he doesn’t want Anna to think he’s a loser, so here goes.

Somehow cheerleader-cute Paige winds up on the Slushee hunt when Leon rescues her after she’s dumped on Valentine’s Day, and and their drives together turn into something more.

Now, to sneak a satanic poem into the yearbook and finish that zillion-CD whale tale…

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