Breaking Sky, by Cori McCarthy (book review) – flying away from her past?

book cover of Breaking Sky by Cori McCarthy published by Sourcebooks FireIn 2049, the USA is under siege,
Cut off from the rest of the world,
One last chance to break the drone blockade…

Only teens have the physical resilience required to fly the new hyperjets at Mach 5 speeds – but will their passion for flying be enough to save the country from a relentless dictator or to outrun the demons from their own pasts?

Happy book birthday to Breaking Sky – a high-flying action-adventure with a deep emotional core.


Book info: Breaking Sky / Cori McCarthy. Sourcebooks Fire, 2015.  [author site]  [publisher site]  [book trailer] Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: Their country’s fate rests on skills of teen jet pilots who might finally outfly the Chinese dictator’s drone fleet surrounding the USA – if they don’t crack from Mach speed tests, the living ghosts from their pasts, or the possibility of love during wartime.

Hidden in the arctic, United Star Academy pushes the boundaries of speed and safety with new Streaker jet prototypes and the teens whose young bodies can stand the strain of hypersonic flight testing.

Nyx and Pippin fly Dragon – Chase lives up to her ‘daughter of chaos’ call-sign by avoiding emotional commitments with fellow cadets, while her eyes-in-the-sky genius best pal Henry accepted Academy placement so his family wouldn’t starve – while ice princess Sylph and Riot (Nyx’s latest breakup) fly Pegasus.

Just 2 Streakers, each with pilot and rio, until Nyx spots a third! When her commander denies its existence, Chase decides to make Phoenix show itself with a riskier-than-usual maneuver. But Nyx gets more than she ever bargained for when Ri Xiong Di retaliates against those who helped Dragon out of that jam.

New cadets, more challenges, Streaker tests accelerated – and 2049 becomes the year when America can begin to rise again or be swallowed up by the New Eastern Bloc.

Can Chase harness her need for speed?
Will the US government allow Streakers into actual combat?
Can a handful of teens outplay a dictator?  (One of 6,000 books recommended on

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