Flawd, by Emily-Anne Rigal (book review) – honest options for positive change

book cover of Flawd by Emily-Anne Rigal published by PerigeeFlaws… we all have them.
Most people hate them.
How can you learn to live past them?

From bullied to bully to accepting herself, Emily-Anne found ways to get beyond bad life situations and into a better life framework, establishing WeStopHate.org so other teens could share their struggles and strategies for higher self-esteem.

Many “you can love yourself” books are just the same ol’ advice recycled, but Flawd‘s new ways to think and do things will help you gradually adjust your mental outlook to more-positive – and keep it there.

Happy book birthday to Flawd!


Book info: Flawd: How to Stop Hating on Yourself, Others, and the Things That Make You Who You Are / Emily-Anne Rigal, with Jeanne Demers; illustrated by Jeanne Demers. Perigee Books, 2015.  [author site]  [publisher site]  Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: When you stop spending mental energy hating your flaws or those of others, you can use it to change the world, love yourself, and make life better.

If you could magically erase your biggest flaw, then another shortcoming would start to bother you – so read Flawd  and learn how to:
See yourself as imperfectly imperfect,
Treat life as playfully as possible,
Think about what really matters,
Embrace all that makes you, you,
Understand influence and how to use it,
Know you can be part of a flawd and powerful transformation. (Flawd, pg. xviii)

Unlike many “we will fix you” self-help books, Flawd  recognizes that transformation is a continuing process using incremental changes in attitude and actions.

The author experienced extreme bullying as a teen, was a bully herself as backlash, and finally began choosing to accept her differences as strengths. Many of the insights shared by other teens on the WeStopHate.org website are included in this book as affirmations that the six Flawd principles can be positively life-changing.   (One of 6,000 books recommended on www.abookandahug.com)

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