N is Natalie, fighting addiction in Other Broken Things, by CJ Desir (book review)

book cover of Other Broken Things by CJ Desir published by Simon Pulse | BooksYALove.com “Powerless over alcohol”… well, maybe
“Fearless moral inventory”… don’t want to go there
“A Power greater than ourselves”… ummm

Nat attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings only because her probation after the car wreck requires it, not because she needs to.

Finding connections there with her mentor and with a cool older guy is a bonus, especially after her party-friends at school snub her.

But there’s something more, and maybe she does need help to get through all this.

Check with your local library (National Library Week is every week, right?) or independent bookstore for this January 2016 title with strong characters who are weak at their cores.

Fearless moral inventory…

Book info: Other Broken Things / C. Desir. Simon Pulse, 2016.  [author site]  [publisher site]  Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: After Natalie’s drunken car wreck and rehab, the Chicago teen must attend AA meetings, where she meets a mentor who cares more than her suburbanite parents do and a much older guy who might just get her past the reasons she stopped boxing and nearly partied herself gone.

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