Portrait of Us, by A. Destiny & Rhonda Helms (book review) – different art styles, masterpiece together?

book cover of Portrait of Us by A Destiny and Rhonda Helms published by Simon PulseShe’s a nerd, he’s a jock.
Her family is well-off, his struggles to get by.
Her art is classic in perspective, his is post-modern slashes and blotches.
They’re like oil and water – how can they make collaborative artwork?

Meet Corrine and Matthew here at the art studio in chapter 1 (free!) as they find out about the big art contest, then see other Flirt series “first love, first kiss” books here.

Ever fall for someone who was your opposite?


Book info: Portrait of Us (Flirt series) / A. Destiny and Rhonda Helms. Simon Pulse, 2014.  [Flirt series site]   [author site]   [publisher site]   Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.

My book talk: To win the prestigious young artists’ competition, Corinne and Matthew must get past bad first impressions to mesh their wildly conflicting art styles into a masterpiece.

Corrine is so happy to be in Teni’s studio this summer, but thinks the artist-in-residence wants her to abandon her controlled painting style by partnering the Chicago teen with Matthew, all bold and raw visuals, for the big contest.

Jock guy and nerd-perfectionist girl have a long way to go before they can even begin to put paint to canvas, so different are they in every way.

After several false starts, Corrine and Matthew begin to see how they can create a joint work of art for the national competition, and Corrine begins to fall for Matthew! But what if he’s ready to move on after they finish their summer project?

Part of the Flirt series from Simon Pulse, this Portrait of Us reflects Corrine’s first experience with something she can’t control – love.  (One of 6,000 books recommended on www.abookandahug.com)

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