Cool reads for hot days

I knew it would happen sooner or later – a long power outage, just as I was writing a post for Blogathon2014… and out here in the country, no power means no internet connection or cellphone signal booster either.

Faced with the choice of driving 15 miles to nearest town to get wifi at our library so I could finish editing my review in progress or staying home to enjoy a new book while waiting for the power to be restored, I chose the latter, of course!

If you’re in the mood for summer reading, too, check out these past BooksYALove favorites, and watch for my newest recommendation tomorrow at its normal 10 am CDT release time.

book cover of Dogtag Summer by Elizabeth Partridgebook cover of Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Francisco X StorkLast Summer of the Death Warriors,  by Francisco X. Stork: what’s harder – knowing that you’ll die young or not knowing if you’ll ever really be an adult? (my full review).

Dogtag Summer,  by Elizabeth Partridge: In 1981, 12-year-old Vietnamese-American orphan Traci questions why she’s in this small California town (my full review).

See y’all here tomorrow – I’m going to finish my book now that the A/C is running again!



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